What, might you ask, do these two things have in common? Besides both being incredibly awesome, they are also two of my favorite things ever. Also, when used improperly they can make you look like a beached whale. Yup, I went there. 

Here's my secret. One, I exercise.(Ok, bad joke.) Two, I like LONG shirts, which extend the torso and counteract the negative optical illusion that is horizontal stripes. 

And since I am an Amazon (nice way of saying GIANT) I tend to find that normal shirts aren't long enough for me. But guess what, neither are dresses. In fact, they are almost like shirts on me. **LIGHTBULB** You guessed it, this shirt is actually a dress. 

As our some of my other favorite "shirts." So there you go, hop on over to those teeny bopper stores that love dressing midgets and find some awesome dresses and turn them into badass tops. Then go eat a burger. 


Master photographer trick courtesy of my handsome photographer: "Play with your sunglasses"

He's handsome & FUNNY

Now this is what I call Ak-sex-ories...

Me being difficult, yet again. SHOCKING. Who's shocked?

Who wants to bet money this ends up as an fbook profile pic? Nobody?

Shorts: Joes Jeans Shirt/Dress: H&M 
Denim Vest, Purse & LOVE Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo (on sale!)
Jewelry: Brandy Melville, (peace necklace worn as bracelet)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker #1